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Losing a pet is always a difficult and emotional time for the entire family, but there are a number of things you can do to help facilitate their safe return.

The first thing to do in every case is to call the ranger for your area as well as the immediate surrounding areas and inform them of your lost animal. Then call your local veterinary clinics and hospitals to do the same. This way, all of the relevant professionals in the area are notified.

Posting flyers around where you believe your animal went missing is a good idea, as are digital flyers. Services such as Lost Pet Finders are a helpful resource, and posting in Facebook groups such as "Pets of Perth Lost and Found" have shown success.

The important thing is to not give up hope! Below are some useful numbers for the area.

Julie's Kennels (City of Swan pound)

(08) 9267 9494

Baywater Ranger

(08) 9272 0972

Swan Ranger 

(08) 9267 9267


(08) 9209 9300

Cat Haven

(08) 9381 1644

Shenton Park Animal Refuge

(08) 9381 8166

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