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In Western Australia, all dogs must be microchipped by the age of 3 months and all cats must be microchipped by the age of 6 months.

A small microchip is inserted under your pet's skin at the back of their neck between their shoulders. This chip has a number which is recorded on a central database with the owner's contact details. Vets, local councils, and animal shelters can scan the microchip and contact the owners of lost pets.

If you move house or adopt a new pet, you will need to update the details on the microchip. To update or check your pets details, you will need to know their microchip number - if you do not know this number you can bring your pet in and we will scan the microchip free of charge. We can also let you know who your microchip is registered with, as there are a number of different registration companies. If you already know the number but not who it is registered through, you can check at

Below are the contact details of likely registration companies:

Central Animal Records

Phone: 1800 333 202 or (03) 9706 3187


Australasian Animal Registry

Phone:  (02) 9704 1450


Homesafe ID

Phone: 1300 537 140


Global Micro Animal Registry

Phone: (02) 8338 9063 



Phone: (02) 8850 6800


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